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Zhou Xuan Yun

Daoist monk Zhou Xuan Yun (pronounced Joh Sh-wen Yoon) 周玄云,…


Henry Lee

Xuan Yun's senior martial arts disciple, Henry Lee, began his…


Larry Greenberg (Danvers)

Larry began formal martial arts training in 1982 training and…


Angel Luis Soto (Pennsylvania)

Angel Luis Soto began training in martial arts and spiritual…


Vicky McGhee (Delaware)

Vicky has been practicing, learning and instructing tai chi since…


Alex Dellaria (South Carolina & Hawaii)

Alex started practicing gong fu (kung fu) in 1999 but…


Mariusz Sroczyński (Poland)

Mariusz has over 25 years experience with Tai Chi and…


Calin Lupa (Toronto)

Calin has been teaching Wudang Tai Chi since 2014, with…


Michael Xia Chongyi (Mexico)

Michael received his name Chongyi from his Grandmaster at his…


About Daoist Gate and Zhou Xuan Yun

daoist gate

Daoist Gate offers instruction in traditional Wudang style martial arts and Daoism.  Daoist Gate was established in 2008 by Zhou Xuan Yun when he came to the United States with the goal of preserving and spreading the traditional Chinese arts.

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Daoist Gate Is Your Source for Authentic Martial Arts and Spiritual Practice

The Wudang arts are sometimes referred to as ‘internal’ or ‘soft’ martial arts, as opposed to martial arts like Karate or Shaolin Kung Fu, which are called ‘external’ or ‘hard’ martial arts. The external arts focus on building external strength, are typically offensive, and use isolated body movements. The internal arts work on building inner strength, are typically defensive, and use whole body movements. READ MORE

Taiji Quan (T’ai Chi Chuan) is the most popular Chinese martial art in the world. Each day, millions of people worldwide of all ages practice in parks, health clubs, and martial arts schools. Many people today practice Taiji mainly for its health benefits and as a kind of moving meditation. Taiji will develop your balance and rooting, will increase your vitality and longevity, and can help you to prevent and heal injuries and illness. READ MORE

Xing Yi Quan (形意拳 Form & Intention Fist) is one the three famous Chinese internal martial arts, along with Taiji Quan, and Bagua Zhang. It is also called Xing Yi Quan (行意拳 Path & Intention Fist), Xin Yi Quan (心意拳 Heart & Intention Fist), or Xin Yi Liu He Quan (心意六合拳 Heart, Intention, & Six Harmonies Fist). The roots of the style can be traced back to the early Qing Dynasty Shanxi Province and a man named Ji Ji Ke (姬际可). READ MORE

Traditional weapons forms are an important part of the Wudang martial arts curriculum.  After basic conditioning and simple hand forms are learned, a student can train weapon forms as another way to develop strength and agility. READ MORE