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Our teacher, Zhou Xuan Yun (pronounced Joh Sh-wen Yoon) was raised on the most sacred mountain in China, Wudang Mountain, where he trained and later worked as an instructor of Taiji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan), Kung Fu and weaponry. Xuan Yun is also an ordained Daoist priest, trained in ritual arts, chanting, divination, and qigong. Dedicating his life to passing the Wudang arts, Xuan Yun divides his time between the U.S. and China, offering classes and workshops on traditional Wudang martial arts, Qi Gong, and Daoist philosophy.


Thousands of years ago the ancient Chinese developed techniques for maintaining health and extending long life.   These time tested methods include meditation, qigong, proper diet, visualization, and massage.  These arts are said to develop the strength of a lumberjack, the flexibility of a child, and the mind of a sage.  

Martial Arts

Wudang Mountain is revered in the martial arts community and is seen by many as the spiritual and historical home of the internal martial arts.   The Wudang martial arts blend the Daoist ways for preserving health together with the traditional  fighting arts, creating a style that develops both spiritual and physical fitness. 


Daoism (Taoism) is a group of ancient Chinese practices defined by belief in the Dao 道, the formless, limitless aspect of the universe that underlies all of creation. Daoists study and strive to act in harmony with the rhythm of this cosmic force by reaching a high level of physical and spiritual well-being.

Distance Learning Program

Live too far away to attend classes? Not a problem! Daoist Gate offers a distance learning program designed to help students master the Wudang arts no matter where they live. More Details


Tiger Taming Form – 伏虎拳

Tiger Taming Form Fu Hu Quan 伏虎拳

Qigong – 气功

Qigong – 气功

Horse Tail Whisk – 拂尘

Horse Tail Whisk – 拂尘

Mysterious Fist Form – 玄武拳

Mysterious Fist Form Xuan Wu Quan 玄武拳

Taiji Quan – 太极拳

Taiji Quan – 太极拳

Martial Arts Sampler

Taiji, Kungfu, and Weapons

Tai Yi Daoist Sword – 武当太乙玄门剑

Tai Yi Daoist Sword – 武当太乙玄门剑

Student Demonstration

Daoist Gate Student Demonstration