China Training Tour

Sacred Mountain Pilgrimage 2018

Every year Xuan Yun returns to China, visiting Daoist masters on China’s most sacred mountains.  We invite you to take the journey with him…

April 10 – 24th (14 day tour)

  • Travel with Daoist Priest Zhou Xuan Yun
  • Visit China’s sacred mountains
  • Live and Train in a Daoist temple
  • Learn your choice of Wudang style kung fu, tai chi, and qigong

Space limited to only 10 people!


Date Location Itinerary
April 10 Shanghai Meet
April 11 – 18 Wuduo Mountain (Henan Province) Temple Stay & Training
April 19 – 24 Wudang Mountain (Hubei Province) Temple Stay & Training
April 24 Wudang→ Shanghai Depart

* We reserve the right to move the departure date 1-2 days to secure the best airfare prices.

Wuduo Mountain


Located in the heart of China, Wuduo Mountain is famous for its scenery, including breathtaking waterfalls. Wuduo Mountain has yet to be discovered by the international tourist scene, making it a perfect place to relax and experience life in a Daoist temple.

Wudang Mountain


Wudang Mountain is revered in the martial arts community, seen by many as the spiritual home of the internal martial arts. The Chinese say that “China has five sacred mountains, but Wudang surpasses them all.”

Read More about Wudang Mountain >>

 Daily Schedule (for Temple Stays)

6 am Morning chanting ritual (optional)
7 am Breakfast
8 – 10 am Qigong & Tai Chi practice
12 pm Lunch
Afternoon Free time
5 pm Evening chanting ritual (optional)
6 pm Dinner


Accommodations & Meals

One of the goals of this trip is to allow you to experience authentic life in a Daoist temple.

At Wuduo Mountain, we will be staying in a temple in double occupancy rooms with communal bathrooms in a nearby building.  We will be eating in the temple meal hall alongside the Daoist priests and nuns.  All of the food in the temple’s meal hall is vegan.  

At Wudang Mountain, we will be staying in hotels, in double occupancy rooms with bathrooms. Meals at the hotel will contain meat (vegetarian and vegan options also available).




All lodging, all meals, all China domestic travel for the duration of the tour, 4 hours of classes per day, entrance fees, cable-car tickets for group trips.

Does not include:

Round-trip airfare from your point of origin to Shanghai, China visa, personal expenditure (souvenirs, telephone calls, etc.), drinking water, and charges incurred as a result of delays beyond our control.

To register for this trip:

  1. Contact us to let us know you plan on attending.
  2. Send a $500 non-refundable deposit and a signed copy of our liability waiver.  Please note, deposits are not refundable if the student is unable to attend.
  3. The remainder of the cost is due 4 months before departure (December 10th)
  4. We reserve the right to cancel the trip if less than 8 people enroll.  In this case, all deposits will be refunded in full.

After you register you will receive a packet of information including a packing list and information on getting a travel visa.

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Rick TestimonialI highly recommend the Daoist Gate China Training Tour to anyone who is looking to experience first-hand the history, beauty, and culture of Wudang Mountain. There is no one better than Zhou Xuan Yun to show you an insider look at the temples and lead the group training in Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu for all levels in some of the most sacred spots in the world. A special highlight for me was visiting a Wundangshan shop where Master Zhou personally helped me select a straight sword sized and balanced for me. That was 5 years ago, and still every time I practice with the weapon I think of that amazing trip.”  -Rick J. (USA)




“I have gone three times with Sifu to train and visit China, which shows how much I enjoy and appreciate his guidance.  He is a patient and caring teacher.  If you plan on going (like I am planning now for the fourth time) do not worry, you are in very good hands.  Two of my friends here have also traveled with Sifu and they are still talking about it.  Maybe this time we will travel together!”   – Lau L. (Canada)


“My trip to China with Sifu Zhou was a childhood dream come true. The wondrous landscapes, the breathtaking temples, it was all I had imagined and more. I could feel the history around me as I walked the hallowed grounds of ancient temples, hiked centuries old mountain paths, and trained in the very places where the techniques I’d learned and studied were honed to perfection. There was an energy in these places that was at once inspirational and awe-inspiring. I awoke every morning excited for whatever adventures awaited us, be it trekking to the woods in search of forgotten monasteries, meeting reclusive cave-dwelling Taoist masters, or sampling teas in an elegant, maze-like temple. Sifu Zhou made sure we were always on a path to something new, from training at dawn until we laid our heads down at the end of the day, each moment was exciting and event filled. His in depth, first-hand knowledge brought the entire journey to another level and fostered a sincere respect and understanding for Taoist history and culture.  I returned to America a different person than I was when I’d left, and was grateful for such a magical experience that I will carry with me the rest of my life.”   – Keith S. (USA)



Jennifer testimonialBack in 2012, I decided to embark on an adventure with Sifu Zhou Xuan Yun to learn about the history of Wudang Mountain and to practice kung fu. This was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. During this trip, not only did I learn all that I wanted to learn about the mountain, but I was able to experience the breathtaking views that China had to offer. I highly recommend anyone looking for a more in-depth tour of Wudang Mountain and martial arts, to take a trip with Shifu Zhou Xuan Yun. He will not disappoint!” – Jennifer C. (USA)



“I went to China with Shifu Zhou Xuan Yun in 2015. No other travel adventure company would have managed to come close as to what I experienced in three weeks. The authenticity was palpable. It was quite extraordinary to be with the principals and locals and to have a real glimpse of the everyday life in Wudangshan. The beauty was unreal. In ascending the Golden Hall, mist just descended and blended seamlessly making it a breathtaking experience. The feeling was that you were a diminutive intruder in an old Chinese landscape painting. In the cradle of Daoism, my stay placed for me a deeper understanding of the Daoist way of life. Although I came to China primary to learn Wudang martial arts, the Daoists who I had contact with exemplified such simplicity, humility and kindness, they inspire me to think of Daoism in a broad context including the application of its philosophy in everyday life.”  – Rosie S. (USA)

Photos From Past Year’s Trips