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Alex Dellaria (South Carolina & Hawaii)

Alex Dellaria (South Carolina & Hawaii)

Alex started practicing gong fu (kung fu) in 1999 but it was when he first saw Master Zhou performing Xuan Wu Quan (Mysterious Fist Form) in 2009 that the internal martial arts became his true path for training. The philosophical and spiritual side of Wudang arts exposed Alex to ways of training that were far beyond just physical. His mission is to share these arts in a way which is comprehensible to people of modern society and to help students get to a place where they can make these arts their own. Alex currently teaches Wudang Gong Fu, Taiji Quan, Xing Yi Quan and sword in Charleston South Carolina and Maui Hawaii. He also enjoys hiking, going to the beach with his family, and especially watching his daughter’s dance performances. Alex is a perfect example of how movement arts can bring so much enrichment to one's life.

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Taiji, Kung Fu, Xingyi, Sword