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Angel Luis Soto (Pennsylvania)

Angel Luis Soto (Pennsylvania)

Angel Luis Soto began training in martial arts and spiritual practices in 2005. In 2009, Angel attended Zhou Xuan Yun's Wudang sword seminar at a martial arts conference in update N.Y. The moving poetry of the Wudang sword ignited a spark in Angel's soul, an ember which provoked him enough to badger Shifu Zhou all the way to Wudang Mountain in 2010.

The expansion of his heart and mind while wielding steel far above ever flowing rivers of clouds and seemingly infinite peaks truly changed him. Inspired by the practice to cut away parts of his life that no longer suited him.

In October 2012, Angel returned to Wudangshan, where he was granted permission to teach Wudang arts. An honor that he continues today, instructing students of all ages in State College, Pennsylvania.

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Taiji, Kungfu, Weaponry, Daoism