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Henry Lee

Henry Lee

Xuan Yun's senior martial arts disciple, Henry Lee, began his studies of martial arts at age 13. His studies included Wushu, Southern Fist, and Sanda, however, he suffered a serious back injury that put him in constant pain for years. His future ability to lead a pain-free life, let alone having a future in martial arts was put into question. It was then that he began studying Chen style Tai Chi and sought out acupuncture as a treatment method for his back. Through these methods, he was able to greatly reduce his pain and regain about 75% of his original function back.
Galvanized by this experience, Henry would go on to pursue an education and career in acupuncture and sought out a deeper understanding of the Internal Martial Arts. In 2010, he began his studies with Shifu Zhou Xuan Yun. Under Shifu Zhou’s guidance and through his education, Henry is now 100% healed and now works to share the knowledge that helped him regain his health.

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Taiji, Kung fu, Weaponry, Licensed Acupuncturist