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Larry Greenberg (Danvers)

Larry Greenberg (Danvers)

Larry began formal martial arts training in 1982 training and teaching Tang Soo Do/Soo Bahk Do until 2012, still remaining an active member. He earned a 6th degree black belt as a Sa Bom Nim (Master Instructor). Larry also Trained under Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming in 1996-98 in Yang Style Tai Chi long form and Chin Na.

After a period of illness Larry decided to return to the internal arts in 2011 to strengthen his spiritual and physical health. He trained in the Yang long form, Chin Na and Push Hands with Paul Mahoney for 3 years. He has trained under Master Jesse Tsao in Eight Immortals Cane and Bang. He also has learned Mini Compact Tai Chi, Cane Qigong and other facets of the arts.

“I began training with Master Zhou in 2013 upon hearing about him from a friend. After the first class I knew good fortune had presented me with a true Master. I have trained under and with many martial arts masters but can only truly attest to a very few. Sifu Zhou is a genuine master, "knowledge bonded with compassion.”

Larry currently trains with Sifu Zhou in Wudang Tai Chi Long Form -Tai Chi Sword and 13 Step form. He is currently teaching Tai Chi in Danvers Massachusetts and is a licensed Taijifit® instructor.