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Michael Xia Chongyi (Mexico)

Michael Xia Chongyi (Mexico)

Michael received his name Chongyi from his Grandmaster at his induction into Wudang’s Dragon Gate Sect in 2010, as a disciple of Master Zhou Xuan Yun. Michael’s dedication to the internal martial arts led him to Master Zhou, after over two decades of previous martial training. Giving his life to the Daoist arts, Michael has since been blessed with the opportunity to travel the world teaching and sharing in the name of Wudang and Daoism. More than a martial artist, Michael shares these arts from the point of view of Daoist cosmology, detailing his teachings with history, culture, physiology, body mechanics, scholarly research, and true-to-life exposure. This in-depth approach to these arts makes them accessible on any level, by people of all ages and interests.

Swordsman Xia (as he is most recognized for his sword skill) tours the US three times a year for his Wudang Sword Tour, offering his Wudang Swordsmen Academy branch locations–in 10+ states–expanded material and regular visits for review and refinement. Additionally, Michael has moved to Guadalajara, Mexico where he has opened the Academia Wudang de México, and is an intricate part in building their Daoist Arts community.

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Daoism, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Weaponry