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Vicky McGhee (Delaware)

Vicky McGhee (Delaware)

Vicky has been practicing, learning and instructing tai chi since in 1991. She started in 1991 for one year with Dr. Tze Chao learning the long form Yang Style. In 2001 she started training with Master Zhenkang Sun in the simplified forms a Yang based tai chi. She is proficient in the 8, 12, 16, 24, 42 and 48 forms, plus the 32 sword form and Kung Fu Tai Chi fan form, Dong Yue 13 postures and sword form, Wu broadsword and Dong Yue broadsword Under Master Sun and Master Frank Allen she studied Cheng Style Ba Gua Zhang from 2005-2008 and returned to training 2015 to present day. In 2004-2007 she trained under Master Sun Shaolin Kung Fu with special training event with Grand Master Shi De Zhuo and Shaolin Abbot She De Li. In 2006 she won the Silver Medal in the 42 form during the International Tai Chi Competition held in Xi’An China.

Vicky is an independent instructor for private groups and individuals. Vicky began training with Master Zhou July 2013.

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