Daoism is a religion and science.

Daoists have been exploring and studying the relationship between the universe and the human body for thousands of years. This understanding enables Daoists to use different methods and skills which help them live healthy, happy lives.

Daoists used traditional philosophy and psychology in all aspects of their activities, including the problems of the mind. For example, the Daoist long-held practice of inner alchemy, outer alchemy, qigong, and Daoyin, an ancient form of Daoist neigong to cultivate jing (essence), can alleviate health problems within the human body.

In their pursuit of health and longevity, Daoists have elevated the principle of using inner power in their martial arts training in building the mind and body strength needed for self-defense. So over time, the trifecta of internal martial arts of XingYi Quan, Bagua Zhang, and Taiji Quan converged into the aegis of what we now know as Neijia Quan (內家拳) – the practice of full awareness of spirit, mind, and qi.

Different schools of thought were formed when these Daoist practices of alchemy, rituals, philosophy, and mind and body cultivation converged. Nevertheless, Daoists inherited these different cultures and customs and appreciated many of their contributions to improving all human beings’ health and lives.

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I Jing

Through I Ching (liu yao) divination and Daoist philosophy, you can use the five phases to regulate your life. I Ching (Liu yao) divination can predict the prospects of marriage, success in business, and health. It can help you resolve uncertainties and worries, and let you take fewer detours on the path of life.

2. Using I Ching (liu yao) divination with knowledge of your five phase attributes or physical condition can help you choose the Daoist cultivation methods or internal martial arts most suitable to help you recover your wellbeing, or allow you to improve your health.

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The Daoist Gate Center Xuan Ju is Master Zhou’s dream come true. Students worldwide are welcome to come, live and study with Master Zhou at the Center. It is a hub for learning the principles of Daoism, meditation practice, Qigong, and internal martial arts of Taiji Quan, Xing Yi Quan, and Bagua Zhang. Moreover, it is a retreat for relaxation and good conversation over cups of tea – exploring the philosophy and understanding the harmony with the natural and balanced order of the universe – The Daoist Way. 

One of Master Zhou’s goals is to train more Taiji, Qigong, Xingyi, and Bagua teachers so that these traditional disciplines can serve as a shield against the stresses and pressures of modern life. As the name suggests, the Daoist Gate Center will become a learning center for Daoist enthusiasts, practitioners, teachers, and students – a sanctuary for cultural exchanges and retreats. The Xuan Ju emblem shows a practitioner who embodies the Chinese character “Dao” 道, contemplating harmony and balance under the sky.

Our Vision: https://daoistgatecenter.org/teacher-training-vision