Wudang Taiji and Nei Gong Summer Retreat with Master Zhou Xuan Yun

Date: June 19 – 23
Place: Tihany, Lake Balaton, Hungary

Join us between June 19th and 23rd to learn Tai Chi and the Five Elements Fist Form. The location is the beautiful half-island of Tihany in Hungary, a serene location between mountains and Lake Balaton.

The program offers an array of forms. For beginners, you will be introduced to it during the week’s workshop. For returning students, you will continue your journey by refining your movements.

Morning Five Animal Qigong by Hua Tuo

You will be introduced to the Tiger, Deer, Monkey, Bear, and Crane Forms. A series of exercises consisting of DaoYin, which dynamically opens the tendon-muscle channels, brings you into the flow and liberates you.

Wudang San Feng Pai Taiji Quan

Get familiar with the ancient fist forms of Wudang Mountain in China. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, whether it’s about the fundamentals or martial applications. This is an unmissable event to hone your Tai Chi understanding and skills.

This retreat is excellent for beginners and advanced students to gain useful experience and form wonderful memories and connections.

Wudang San Feng Pai 64 Steps Jian Sword Form

An incredible sword form for everyone excited to learn about weapons and their place in our self-development. You’ll learn fundamental techniques, the varied methods of thrusts, swings/cuts, and the details of correct postures and applications.

 Wudang TaiYi Wuxing Fist Form

The Tai Yi Five Element Form combines elements of Taiji Quan and the Five Animal Frolics qigong set with Daoist breathing techniques, making it an effective fighting form and a healing qigong practice.

The form was originally known as the Tai Yi Five Element Capturing and Pouncing 23 movement form (太乙五行擒扑23式). The hands are more active than Taiji Quan, and it contains many capturing joint locks, body pounces, and grappling methods. Turning at the waist builds strength and flexibility in the spine and massages the organs. Many direction changes and one-leg movements develop balance and flexibility.

Introduce NeiDan / Inner Alchemy  – talks, Q&A, and meditation practice with Master Zhou

Contact: Anita Eredics

Daoist Gate – Golden Flower Center Head Teacher

Info: https://aranyviragtaiji.com/esemenyek/

Email: daotaiji@gmail.com

Spaces are limited, so we advise booking as soon as possible.

Investment: 500 Euro