Other Instructors

Henry Lee (Boston, Massachusetts)

Xuan Yun’s senior martial arts disciple, Henry Lee, began his studies of martial arts at age 13. His studies included Wushu, Southern Fist, and Sanda, however, he suffered a serious back injury that put him in constant pain for years. His future ability to lead a pain-free life, let alone having a future in martial arts was put into question. It was then that he began studying Chen style Tai Chi and sought out acupuncture as a treatment method for his back. Through these methods, he was able to greatly reduce his pain and regain about 75% of his original function back.

Galvanized by this experience, Henry would go on to pursue an education and career in acupuncture and sought out a deeper understanding of the Internal Martial Arts. In 2010, he began his studies with Shifu Zhou Xuan Yun. Under Shifu Zhou’s guidance and through his education, Henry is now 100% healed and now works to share the knowledge that helped him regain his health.

✉ henrylee@daoistgate.com

Experience: Taiji, Kung fu, Weaponry, Licensed Acupuncturist


13179100_10209661195709124_2372251845089842220_nBarbara Tindall (Newburyport, Massachusetts)

Barbara discovered Master Zhou in 2012 on the brink of retiring from a career in teaching college English. Having spent a few too many decades sitting at a desk, Barb was caught up by the power of the internal martial arts to integrate body and mind, something that had been sorely lacking in her adult life. As a former college athlete and coach of women’s varsity sports, Barb appreciates that tai chi continually pushes her to develop her physical and emotional capabilities. She suspects that her tai chi journey will be a lifelong adventure.

Barb currently takes classes with Master Zhou in Wudang Long Form, Form 13, Tai Chi Sword, and Taiyi Five Elements. She teaches classes in Newburyport at the Public Library and the Brown School.

✉ btindall619@aol.com

Experience: Taiji

Sandy Wong & Kwok Wong (Boston, Massachusetts)

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 6.08.41 PMSandy Wong started learning Tai Chi when she was 18 years old. She began by learning the Yang style Tai Chi long form and sword. Then, her husband, Kwok Wong, joined her in learning other forms, such as the Chen style Laojia Yi Lu, Laojia Er Lu and Chen style Tai Chi sword. In 2011, they were very fortunate to meet Master Zhou and join the Daoist Gate Wudang Arts to continue their journey learning about the true art of Tai Chi. From there, they learned the Wudang long form, Tai Chi 13, 5 elements and Wudang Tai Chi sword. They have advanced so much thanks to Master Zhou and Henry’s patience and endless encouragement. They love teaching what they learn and since 2014, they have had the opportunity to teach the Wudang Tai Chi 28 form at the Boston Common.


Experience: Taiji

Larry Greenberg (Danvers, Massachusetts)

Larry began formal martial arts training in 1982 training and teaching Tang Soo Do/Soo Bahk Do until 2012, still remaining an active member. He earned a 6th degree black belt as a Sa Bom Nim (Master Instructor). Larry also Trained under Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming in 1996-98 in Yang Style Tai Chi long form and Chin Na.

After a period of illness Larry decided to return to the internal arts in 2011 to strengthen his spiritual and physical health. He trained in the Yang long form, Chin Na and Push Hands with Paul Mahoney for 3 years. He has trained under Master Jesse Tsao in Eight Immortals Cane and Bang. He also has learned Mini Compact Tai Chi, Cane Qigong and other facets of the arts.

“I began training with Master Zhou in 2013 upon hearing about him from a friend. After the first class I knew good fortune had presented me with a true Master. I have trained under and with many martial arts masters but can only truly attest to a very few. Sifu Zhou is a genuine master, “knowledge bonded with compassion.”

Larry currently trains with Sifu Zhou in Wudang Tai Chi Long Form -Tai Chi Sword and 13 Step form. He is currently teaching Tai Chi in Danvers Massachusetts and is a licensed Taijifit® instructor.

Experience: Taiji


Angel Luis Soto (Pennsylvania)

Angel Luis Soto began training in martial arts and spiritual practices in 2005. In 2009, Angel attended Zhou Xuan Yun’s Wudang sword seminar at a martial arts conference in update N.Y. The moving poetry of the Wudang sword ignited a spark in Angel’s soul, an ember which provoked him enough to badger Shifu Zhou all the way to Wudang Mountain in 2010.

The expansion of his heart and mind while wielding steel far above ever flowing rivers of clouds and seemingly infinite peaks truly changed him. Inspired by the practice to cut away parts of his life that no longer suited him.

In October 2012, Angel returned to Wudangshan, where he was granted permission to teach Wudang arts. An honor that he continues today, instructing students of all ages in State College, Pennsylvania.

✉ SwordmenSoto@gmail.com
✆ 1-814-429-9108

Experience: Taiji, Kungfu, Weaponry, Daoism


Vicky McGhee (Delaware)

Vicky has been practicing, learning and instructing tai chi since in 1991. She started in 1991 for one year with Dr. Tze Chao learning the long form Yang Style. In 2001 she started training with Master Zhenkang Sun in the simplified forms a Yang based tai chi. She is proficient in the 8, 12, 16, 24, 42 and 48 forms, plus the 32 sword form and Kung Fu Tai Chi fan form, Dong Yue 13 postures and sword form, Wu broadsword and Dong Yue broadsword Under Master Sun and Master Frank Allen she studied Cheng Style Ba Gua Zhang from 2005-2008 and returned to training 2015 to present day. In 2004-2007 she trained under Master Sun Shaolin Kung Fu with special training event with Grand Master Shi De Zhuo and Shaolin Abbot She De Li. In 2006 she won the Silver Medal in the 42 form during the International Tai Chi Competition held in Xi’An China.

Vicky is an independent instructor for private groups and individuals. Vicky began training with Master Zhou July 2013.

✉ kurodabushi@comcast.net
✆ 1-302-528-0336

Experience: Wudang Tai Chi


Alex Dellaria (South Carolina & Hawaii)

Alex started practicing gong fu (kung fu) in 1999 but it was when he first saw Master Zhou performing Xuan Wu Quan (Mysterious Fist Form) in 2009 that the internal martial arts became his true path for training. The philosophical and spiritual side of Wudang arts exposed Alex to ways of training that were far beyond just physical. His mission is to share these arts in a way which is comprehensible to people of modern society and to help students get to a place where they can make these arts their own. Alex currently teaches Wudang Gong Fu, Taiji Quan, Xing Yi Quan and sword in Charleston South Carolina and Maui, Hawaii. He also enjoys hiking, going to the beach with his family, and especially watching his daughter’s dance performances. Alex is a perfect example of how movement arts can bring so much enrichment to one’s life.

✆ 808-298-1584
✉ daoistgatesc@gmail.com
Website: martialartsincharleston.com

Experience: Taiji, Kung Fu, Xingyi, Sword


Mariusz Sroczyński (Poland)Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 8.03.23 AM

Mariusz has over 25 years experience with Tai Chi and Qigong, and even longer experience with other martial arts (Kyokushin Karate and Aikido). In addition to learning from Xuan Yun, Mariusz has also studied with Yang Jwing Ming (Yang Style), Sam F.S. Chin (I Liq Chuan) and Howard Choy, Richard Wong, Liu Van Kun and Chen Xiao Wang (different styles of Tai Chi and Qigong. In 1997 he founded his school in Warsaw and TAI CHI STUDIO – the first studio in Poland dedicated to Tai Chi training. He has founded other schools in Lublin, and Łódź.

In 2016, Mariusz organized Taiji and Qigong workshops and lectures on Daoism with Master Zhou Xuan Yun for the first time in Poland. Since then he has hosted all of Xuan Yun’s workshops in Poland. In October 2017 he will start regular classes on Daoist Qigong and Wudang Taiji at TAI CHI STUDIO in Warsaw.

✉ mariusz.sroczynski@szkolataichi.com
✆ +48 604 855 400

Experience: Wudang Tai Chi, Qigong


Calin Lupa (Toronto)

Calin has been teaching Wudang Tai Chi since 2014, with classes Downtown Toronto. Before embracing Wudang Tai Chi, he studied Yang and Chen styles, and also push-hands. Beside practicing martial arts, he believes studding classic Taoist books is important to help one understand the spiritual foundations of attuning oneself to the Dao. Calin continues to practice Aikido and Iaido.

✉ calinlupa@gmail.com
✆ 1-416-520-7782

Experience: Wudang Tai Chi, Chen Tai Chi, Yang Tai Chi, Taoism, Aikido, Iaido


Michael Xia Chongyi (Mexico)

Michael received his name Chongyi from his Grandmaster at his induction into Wudang’s Dragon Gate Sect in 2010, as a disciple of Master Zhou Xuan Yun. Michael’s dedication to the internal martial arts led him to Master Zhou, after over two decades of previous martial training. Giving his life to the Daoist arts, Michael has since been blessed with the opportunity to travel the world teaching and sharing in the name of Wudang and Daoism. More than a martial artist, Michael shares these arts from the point of view of Daoist cosmology, detailing his teachings with history, culture, physiology, body mechanics, scholarly research, and true-to-life exposure. This in-depth approach to these arts makes them accessible on any level, by people of all ages and interests.

Swordsman Xia (as he is most recognized for his sword skill) tours the US three times a year for his Wudang Sword Tour, offering his Wudang Swordsmen Academy branch locations–in 10+ states–expanded material and regular visits for review and refinement. Additionally, Michael has moved to Guadalajara, Mexico where he has opened the Academia Wudang de México, and is an intricate part in building their Daoist Arts community.

✉ SwordsmanXia@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/XiaChongyi

Experience: Daoism, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Weaponry