“Most of us meet a teacher like Daoist monk Zhou Xuan Yun once in a lifetime, if we are very lucky. A true martial monk, he has been trained as both a martial artist and a philosopher, which makes him unique, even amongst his peers. His instructional style – which includes teaching both form sequences and practical applications – is very professional and consequently, his seminars are extremely popular and well received. Student responses have been 100% positive. His ability to bridge the traditional world of Wudang Mountain as well as contemporary America is very impressive. To say that Zhou Xuan Yun has changed my outlook on life would be an understatement.” – Jim Barnes, Director and Chief Operating Officer, Foundation for American and Chinese Cultural Exchange, Inc.


“In demonstration, his kungfu skill was breath taking. More than that, his generous participation in our closing ceremony was the talk of the Festival, adding an authentic Daoist spirit and grace to the event. Wudang Mountain has sent this country a remarkable treasure.” – James Donnelly, Director
, Zhang San Feng Festival


“Shifu Zhou was a dynamic and engaging teacher for our workshop.  His sense of humor and kindly manner immediately puts everyone at ease, and he is very approachable.  Throughout the day he moved all around the room and offered insights to each of us that individually helped our personal practice.  This was a great hands-on workshop, and we laughed quite a lot, because we were having so much fun, especially working one-on-one with him!  All the students clearly enjoyed practicing the various applications he taught us.  Shifu has an amazing ability to see the small, nearly imperceptible details – in how we move. He provided clarity to the way we saw things, and improved our understanding of the material.  His teaching and guidance helped us to get more in-depth with the material we study in our class, plus he taught us many new things.  The workshop contained a perfect blend of discovery, enjoyment and concentrated study.  We are really looking forward to his next visit to our area.” – Julia Ahmed, Internal Arts Association of Michigan


“I have been studying Wudang style Taijiquan with Master Zhou Xuan-Yun for one year now.  I am a 65-year-old woman who is currently retired after working in a sedentary job for most of my life.  I have also had bilateral bi-lateral hip replacements.  Degenerative arthritis has had a very negative impact on my health.  There is no question that Taijiquan was improved my balance.  I now walk with broader gait and looser arm movements and generally feel more confident on my feet. I am not naturally graceful and am a slow learner, so the first classes were the most difficult.  Now, I look forward to class and practice outdoors without feeling self-conscious.  The classes are totally non-competitive; I feel challenged and encouraged but not judged.  Everyone, from the most athletic to the most disabled, is treated equally.” – Carolyn Flaherty, Malden class student


“Taiji with Shifu is the healthiest activity I have encountered.” – Stacy Ames, Beverly class student


“Master Zhou has enriched my understanding of physical challenge and fellowship in ways that are no longer competitive and merely physical.  Inspired by the utter beauty of Master Zhou’s form and by his gentle and warm instruction, I find taiji class always a challenge:  physically, cognitively and mindfully.” – Barbara Tindall, Newboryport class student


“I had always been active until a couple years ago when I starting having chronic back pain.  I was informed that I had a degenerative disc and arthritis of the spine.  There were three courses of action outlined: using an over the counter pain reliever, shots in the affected area of the spine, or surgery. Searching for a possible alternative, I decided to try Tai Chi.  I soon realized that something positive was taking place. After 5 months, I no longer needed to take over the counter pain relievers throughout the day.  My discomfort has been minimized and is now manageable. Even though I may not fully understand or have the ability to verbalize the how or why of the change, I cannot argue with the positive results. Some of the other benefits are a reduction in stress, improvement in strength, balance, and flexibility. Improvements and progress have been consistent and continuous. I believe anyone would benefit from Tai Chi.” – Jim Finnegan, Beverly class student


“After about 3 months, I was more alert and less tired and have fewer headaches. I could feel that my hands and feet got warmer and other people say to me that I look better (not as pale and unhappy).  Now it has been a little over 1 year and a half since we joined the Daoist Gate group. We have learned a lot from Master Zhou in Daoist Gate Wudang Arts. We also made many new friends, with whom we practice together and exchange our thoughts.  Practicing tai chi has helped my health significantly and has made me feel happier and stronger. I practice daily or whenever possible. It helps me to relax, clear my mind, focus on my body and feel better as a whole.” – James Wang, Boston class student