Andy has been drawn to the Chinese Martial Arts from a young age. She dreamed of one day moving to a mountaintop in China where she would study Martial Arts and Spirituality while working to become a monk. At the same time, Andy played many sports, including soccer, field hockey, and basketball. As an older teen, she found her love for kickboxing and began studying her martial art at a Shaolin school, where she also studied Chen, Yang, and Sun family styles.

After sustaining a severe injury during Kung Fu training, Andy discovered she had a rare connective tissue disorder that limited her mobility. At that time, she turned her focus to Taijiquan. Andy began studying with Master Zhou eight years ago, and in 2021 she spent three months at Master Zhou’s Xuan Ju Daoist Center for intensive training. She loves sharing the culture and joy of Taijiquan, Qigong, and Meditation.