Anita Eredics’ journey into internal martial arts started in 2000 when she studied Yang-style Taijiquan. Her keen interest in martial arts is grounded in her medical studies in alternative treatments through natural movements and breathing exercises. This outlook prompted her to learn Yang-style Taijiquan 48 and 108, Taiji Jian 36 and 56, Taiji Dao 27, and various Qigong sets that include Ba Duan Jin, Hun Yuan Taiji Nei Gong, Bian Hui Chun Gong, Yi Jin Jing, and 12 Fairy Qigong. Additionally, Anita earnestly studied the philosophy that actuates these healing exercises.  Beginning in 2002, she and her husband Kristóf have taught these practices in Győr because they believe in the principles of natural healing and want to share this knowledge with others. 

In 2012, Anita founded and became head teacher for the Golden Flower Daoist School, a not-for-profit organization and educational center whose goal is to include alternative medicine and integrative therapies such as massage therapy and fitoterapi, or herb therapy, as part of their curriculum. The school provides services for health and healing with regular courses and classes for free.

To continue her development, Anita traveled to Poland in 2019 to study Wudang Taijiquan 108 and Taiji Jian with Daoist spiritual Master Zhou Xuan Yun. Captivated by the traditional Wudang integrative power of body, mind, and spirit, she continues her studies with Master Zhou through online learning in Taiji Quan, Tai Yi Five Elements, Xing Yi Quan, Neidan. Anita and Kristof incorporated the Golden Flower Daoist Association, the Hungarian not-for-profit organization of Master Zhou, to support the study and practice of the Wudang Martial Arts.