Life as a Continuous Improvement

Improving life is necessary for us as human beings. A Chinese saying states, “If you don’t advance, you will retreat.” (学如逆水行舟,不进则退) We all need continuous improvement in life, work, family, or love. In the summer of 2021, the first time I offered intensive training at the center, Jason, a student from Virginia, came to the Daoist…

Wudang Mountain

Wudang mountain is revered in the martial arts community and is seen by many as the spiritual and historical home of the internal martial arts. The Chinese say that “China has five sacred mountains, but Wudang surpasses them all”. A distinguished pilgrimage site, Wudang has attracted many prolific martial artists and philosophers throughout history. There are more than 2,000 palaces and temples, making this complex the world’s largest Daoist center.

Weaving a Dream

If we do not pursue our dreams, they will become vacant, change into an unfulfilled desire, and only remain dreams. If we follow our dreams, we will have an opportunity to realize them so that they are no longer dreams but become our goals. We must be persistent to realize these goals so that even if we have losses and failures in life, we also have attainments.

Living with the Dao

Living with the Dao

 Living with the Dao. Life is a great training center; existence is a kind of cultivation, we are all constantly refining it. The results depend on the path we choose. The “Dao” 道 is a very abstract word. Everyone understands it a little differently. For me, the Dao is a kind of natural regular pattern in the…

The Witch Healer

At the Daoist Gate Center, there are often Chinese medicine doctors and qigong teachers who come to study with me, and they also help heal people for free. Tatiana B. is one of them. During the Spring of 2021, when the second wave of the pandemic was starting to wane, Tatiana was the fourth student…

The Secret of Daoism

If you have a little familiarity with Daoism then you know that for Daoists the final goal is to obtain longevity, to not die, and to become an immortal. There were many methods developed in Daoism, like bigu 辟谷dietetics, refining external elixirs, refining internal elixirs (neidan 内丹) and many others. But there is one extremely important method that…

Traditional Chinese New Year Customs (Part 2)

At one in the morning on the first day of the New Year, we open the doors and set off firecrackers. After the blasting sound finishes little bits of red paper are all over the ground, brilliant like brocaded clouds. This is called “filling the halls with red.” In Chinese culture red represents joy. In ancient times when people “opened the doors and set off firecrackers,” there were no strings of firecrackers or gunpowder, so they exploded bamboo sticks. In traditional culture, setting off firecrackers and exploding bamboo represent eliminating evil, driving off ghosts and monsters, and chasing away pestilence. Thus when the New Year arrives the first thing families do is to set off fireworks, clearing out the old and welcoming the new.

The Chinese New Year

The lunar New year, also called the agricultural New Year or the Spring Festival, is a holiday celebrated in many Asian countries. The calendar used for calculating the lunar New Year is based on the cycles of the moon, which was extremely important in ancient agricultural societies where farmers used the lunar calendar to understand the periods of sowing, sprouting, and growth of crops.

The Problems of Fall

What is the Problems of Fall? The fall is a pleasantly cool season. Where I live in the northeastern part of the United States, every October is extraordinarily beautiful. The multicolored foliage all over the mountains is like an exquisite picture. However, for those who understand how to nurture their health, Fall is an important…

Inner Alchemy/NeiDan

Inner Alchemy/NeiDan

Elixirs (dan) were pills Chinese doctors made in antiquity, objects that in those times were very mysterious. In novels and movies we often see scenes where a person takes one of these pills (an elixir), and is able to come back to life, or attain the Dao and become an immortal.

Tai Chi vs. MMA

Tai Chi vs. MMA

Fighting requires speed, force, and knowing how to take a hit.  Sure, tai chi contains techniques that can be used in a fight.  But, there is no way around it…the only way to learn how to fight is by fighting.  Practicing tai chi forms alone will not teach students to fight.