One of the primary roles of a Daoist spiritual Master is provide various services to their community.  This includes rituals and ceremonies.  Daoists undergo extensive training in the ritual arts, and often preside at weddings, births, purification ceremonies and blessings for new homes and businesses.

Because we have been inspired by these practices, and want to make them available to others, all Daoist rituals are offered on a donation bases.

Praying for good fortune and dispelling disasters is a traditional type of religious ritual, with thousands of years of history in Daoism. Daoists who cultivate the Dao and have techniques of the Dao (called fashi, “ritual masters”) hold this ceremony, so that they might communicate with divinities through ritual, borrowing their spiritual power for the purpose of praying for good fortune and dispelling disasters. This type of ceremony has a miraculous power that can use what is formless to transform actual destiny: on a large scale it can be a prayer for the prosperity of a state, averting plagues, praying for clear days or entreating for rain; on a small scale it can be for moving to a new place, to make the home safe and land peaceful, for bringing fortune to newly wedded couples, for longevity, driving away disease, dispelling disasters, redeeming lost souls, and more.

The Daoists (those with the highest merit being scriptural masters chanting scriptures), calculate on their fingers, pace the stars of the Dipper, and store up the spirit, so that they might take the good wishes of believers and transmit them to divinities, entreating them for blessings and protection. Ritual masters focus on interaction with divinities, and the Daoists who cultivate this particular path, or ritual masters, undergo an extensive period of training (in the realization and dispositions of the Dao, nourishing morality, and the cultivation of ritual techniques). The Daoists or ritual masters who have undergone this training are able to better interact with divinities, drawing the support of their spiritual power, which is what we call “ritual power” (fali).

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