Aside from teaching affordable Taiji classes under his non-profit organization, Daoist Benevolent Association (DBA), Shifu Zhou has been offering free Taiji classes in Boston for almost 10 years, in Newburyport for the last 5 years, and more recently in Marblehead, MA. These free classes have served hundreds of students of all ages in parks, libraries, temples, and community centers. Since Covid-19, Shifu Zhou has doubled his efforts to provide streaming classes on Taiji, Qigong, and Kung Fu on multiple social media platforms accessible to everyone.

In his belief of living simply with nature, recently, Shifu Zhou moved to the forested area of Francestown, New Hampshire, where he is manually building a training hall, the Xuan Ju Daoist Center – a modest building with an inclusive dream. A labor of love for him, Shifu Zhou envisions this retreat center as the meeting and training place for his students and like-minded individuals all around the globe.

Community is the foundation of the Daoist Benevolent Association where Shifu Zhou hopes that everyone can assist him in making this center a reality. In the coming months, Shifu Zhou and some of his students will restart work in Xuan Ju, a continuous work that they have started since 2018. If you can and are able to, please consider making a donation to our Daoist Benevolent Association which will assist the goals of providing free Taiji classes, educating the public, and completing the retreat center

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