Coronavirus has already become a worldwide problem, and the possibility of becoming infected continues to grow. Although we live in America, an economically advanced country, there are many people without money or insurance who, even if they suspect they have contracted Coronavirus, do not have the several thousand dollar examination fees to go and get examined. This further increases the possibility of our getting infected. Many people believe that there is nothing to worry about, and make comparisons with the rates of death by car accidents and of infectious colds.

What we need to know is that among the 44000 cases in China, the rate of death for those who are young and without other foundational illness is 0.9%, that for those between 60-69 is 4%, for those between 70-80 is 8%, and for those over 80 is 15%. The death rate for those with cardiovascular disease is 10%, and for those with diabetes is 7%.

Although we live in a country with relatively good sanitation, with an infectious disease like Coronavirus we must raise our vigilance, especially when living in countries where the governments do not support their people, and the president cares about his own official achievements, where the concern is the growth of the country’s economy. They well understand the thinking of most people (one will not necessarily die if infected with the Coronavirus, but if there is no food to eat one will die quickly, if there is no money to repay loans one also will die slowly). This is a very obvious problem to us ordinary people, that we need work, that we need to make money to support our families. Up to this point there is no truly effective medicine that we can use to treat Coronavirus, so all we can do is protect ourselves, wear a face mask, and diligently wash our hands. Although alcohol-based disinfectants can be said to have a certain use, they cannot completely protect you from being infected. The best method of protection is to not go to places where many people gather, including busy shopping areas, restaurants, and large conferences. If you can go less, then go less, if you can cancel, then cancel, and be sure to remember to frequently wash your hands, wash your face, and use disinfectant. If you have a fever, cough, headache, fatigue, lack of energy, a stuffy nose, a runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, or chest pain, be sure to pay attention to it, wear a facemask when going out, or isolate yourself at home. If you feel as though it is getting worse, be sure to first call the hospital to ask for advice, then go directly to the hospital. We have the best medicine for treating these infectious diseases, and that is our own immunity.

How can we raise our immunity? First, we should have good lifestyle habits, and if we don’t we need to establish them ourselves. Second, we should not smoke, and reduce alcohol consumption. The use of alcohol is in disinfecting, sterilizing, improving blood flow and smoothing blood circulation. Drinking too much harms the liver. Third, we should rise early and exercise, for example: running, practicing taiji, qigong, yoga or swimming. At breakfast we should eat nutritious foods, drink tea, coffee or other beverages. At lunch we should have a set time, eat until we are full. Lunch also should have a regular pattern. At dinner we should eat less. Best is to eat fruit, or salad. Not eating is okay, but we should be sure to drink some fluids. We all know that the body has a biological clock, and that eating and drinking are the same. Eating in accordance with the time is helpful for the body to absorb nutrients. Those who are older typically lack moisture in their bodies, so they should pay attention to drinking more hot beverages. Chinese herbal medicines that can strengthen immunity: Maidong, huangqi (Astragalus), American ginseng, dandelion Foods that can strengthen immunity: Lemons, apples, garlic, fresh ginger, carrots, Chinese yams, mushrooms.

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