Jamie was already an instructor at a local martial arts school in 2017 when he first began learning in earnest about Daoist philosophy and cultivation practices. An avid student of the Jian, or Chinese double-edged straight sword, Jamie discovered Shifu Zhou in 2018 from his DVD on the famous Wudang sword form Xuan Men Jian. He enthusiastically contacted Shifu with the hope of learning the form from him in person. Shifu’s reply was a quintessential example of the openness and depth that Shifu brings to teaching the Wudang arts. He said: “yes, I can teach you this sword form if that is what you want, but the movements will be empty if you do not first have the right foundation in Wudang internal arts.” So, in 2018 Jamie began training with Shifu in Wudang kung fu, Baguazhang, Taijiquan, and Xingyiquan. As of 2022, he is still working on that foundation, with no immediate plans to learn Xuan Men Jian anytime soon. Jamie’s interest in teaching springs from a desire to share the profound physical, mental, and spiritual benefits he has experienced and continues to experience each day from Daoist cultivation practices under Shifu Zhou’s tutelage.

In addition to his previous martial arts training and his time as a student of Shifu Zhou, Jamie has also studied Wudang arts in the Chun Yang lineage with Lindsey Wei since 2019.