Josh has always been drawn to natural healing and alternative medicines – primarily Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In 2002, while recovering at Lake Tahoe Wellness Center after a severe injury, Josh met his first teacher and learned Chen Man-Ching Yang style Taichi Quan and Taichi sword. After a year, his teacher handed the class to him, where Josh continued to teach for 2 years. Josh returned to New Hampshire and sought out Master Yang Jwing-Ming of the Yang Martial Arts Association (YMAA). He delved deep into studying Taichi and White Crane Qigong from him and, notably, started his journey into the cultivation path of Daoist Internal Alchemy. After 4 years, Josh attained the Qi Gong instructor certification from Master Yang’s school. Continuing his training over the years, he studied with many teachers and practitioners and learned aspects of Chen style Taiji and Wing Chun. In the summer of 2021, a perfect opportunity arose when Josh chanced upon Master Zhou, whose training center is not far from his home. Guided by his life experiences and inclination toward Daoist philosophy and values, Josh is now training earnestly in Wudang Taiji, Taiji Jian (straight sword), Wudang Gongfu, and Wudang Dao (saber) under Master Zhou. Josh is teaching Taiji classes in NH. Email: