Leah Trieu is a quintessential student of Zhou Shifu. For half of a year in 2021, she trained at Xuan Ju Daoist Gate Center, learning essentials in Wudang Martial Arts: Taiji, Qigong, Kungfu forms, and Weapons. The six-month immersive program under Master Zhou was instrumental in her decision to pursue a career in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Barely 18 years old when she flew from Arizona to NH to train with Master Zhou, her gap year before university proved to be successful. Not only did she learn the martial art techniques firsthand from Master Zhou, but she also developed emotionally and socially during her stay in Xuan Ju, a learning experience that she would not have gained in a classroom setting. The impact of her training has shaped her decision-making process in evaluating the direction of her career and life choices. She is delighted to be in Daoist Gate teacher-in-training program, a continuous learning process that will fulfill her goal in integrative medicine and the healing profession.