Rosie, Chén Bāměi (陳八美), grew up loving martial arts through Hong Kong wuxia cinema, a fascination shared with her father, whose library was filled with books on classic literature of wuxia and folklore. Many years later, her love for the genre came full circle when she experienced the essence of its practice through Wudang Martial Arts and training with Zhou Shifu. The practice has transformed her outlook and priorities. Through the meditative healing of Qigong, the graceful movements of Taiji Quan, the internal power of Bagua Zhang, Xingyi Quan, and traditional kungfu movements and weaponry, she finds true self-expression—uplifting and empowering. Martial arts practice has been a way of life for her. Woven into these healing arts are the principles of Daoist thought that she is now earnestly exploring. She describes it as a “poetic integration” of mind and body, a worthwhile lifelong pursuit of studying the ancient, an immersion that’s good for the soul. Teaching these disciplines is a good thing worthy of sharing.