Please begin by reading  “Standing Meditation for Martial Power” first.

The standing meditation practices for health and healing use proper body alignment and relaxation to encourage proper Qi flow and remove physical and emotional blockages. This differs from the martial standing because the whole body is relaxed, with no force or power. Qigong style standing meditation takes practice, but once you get used to it, you can do it almost anywhere.  You can even use it as a relaxation technique or coping mechanism when facing a stressful situation. Standing meditation is also a great option for people with sports injuries or health problems that make seated meditation difficult.

When? Where? How Long?

The best time to practice any sanding meditation is in the morning or evening. You should find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. How long you stand will depend on your personal situation. Martial standing is more physically demanding, so typically people stand for less time. Standing for health and healing is a more gentle practice, and easier to continue for longer periods of time. Whichever style you do, start with a few minutes, and slowly add time as you build up strength.

Common Sensations

When the body is still, many strange things begin to happen. Some common issues that may arise include shaking, overwhelming thoughts and emotions, and physical discomfort. Shaking can occur when your body lets go of built-up tension. Once the tension is released your body will be able to relax further. As you stand, you may also find all sorts of thoughts and emotions rise up. This happens when negative emotions and memories that have been trapped in the body are released. Experiencing these negative thoughts may not be comfortable, but know that you are making room for new healthy energy. Discomfort is also normal with a new exercise practice, and soreness when standing is common. However, if minor discomfort ever turns into pain, stop, gently shake it out, and rest. If you have any questions or concerns about your standing meditation practice, make sure to ask a qualified teacher for advice.

At times during your practice you will also experience positive sensations. The martial practices will make you feel full of life and aware of the strength in your body. The health and healing practices will make you feel relaxed and soft, like you would feel after a nice sauna. Your mind may feel at peace, and you will be able to feel your connectedness to the world around you.

Whatever form of standing meditation you practice, it will have a positive effect on your life. Standing meditation is a very simple practice, but it can have huge results!