The Daoist Gate Store contains Master XuanYun Zhou’s online courses, including Taichi courses, online Qigong courses, online NeiDan courses, online XingYi courses, as well as TaiChi and KungFu DVDs.

Private Lessons With Daoist Master Zhou XuanYun

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Prospective students are free to pick a subject of their choosing and send this to Shifu Zhou for approval (i.e. Taiji, Qi Gong, Daoist Meditation, XingYi, BaGua,  Wudang KungFu, etc.). 


Classes are divided into one-hour sessions meeting once a week and prospective students are required to schedule with Zhou Shifu for a mutually convenient time to convene.  


Students are required to utilize either Zoom or Skype in order to connect with Daoist Master XuanYun Zhou   for lessons.  Students should prepare by ensuring they have a webcam that is high enough resolution to show good detail so that proper corrections may be made.


Single Session: $120

Pre-Paid Options

10 Sessions: $1000(breaks down to $100 per class)

20 Sessions: $1800(breaks down to $90 per class)

Payment for each session is required prior to the first class. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to

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