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Qigong to promote: good mood, good energy, good body structure.

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Title: Qigong to promote: good mood, good energy, good body structure.

Instructor: Master Zhou Xuan Yun

Region: NTSC, All Regions

Languages: English

Time: 65 minutes

Feel healtiher and improve your quality of life!

Combining Daoist Philosophies and Traditional Qigong exercises, Master Zhou presents a program that is uniquely tailored for addressing common health issues associated with the modern wester lifestyle, including Qigong for: good mood, good energy, good body structure.

Wudang Martial Arts Master and Daoist Priest, Zhou Xuan Yun, presents a unique health practice designed for the west lifestyle. This DVD include standing and sitting routines to offer accessible Qigong practices for everyone.


1. BONUS: Documentary short-movie about Master Zhou.

2. Philosophy speech.

3. Warm-Up.

4. Sitting position:

- explanation of the movements

- demonstration of complete set

5. Standing position:

- demonstration of complete set

6. Summary.

7. Credits.

Produced by Daoist Gate Wudang Arts / Sylwia Karwowska

Presented by Master Xuan Yun Zhou

Cover designed by Natalia Padzinska

©Daoist Gate

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