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Xingyi Series

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Xingyi Series

6 Episode Series (139 minutes total)

Xing Yi Quan (Form and Intention Fist) is the oldest internal martial art, and is the most no-nonsense.

Xingyi practice will teach you:
– Economy of motion – direct attacks with no unnecessary movements
– Attack while defending – a block is a strike and a strike is a block

This class will begin with zhan zhuang strength training and footwork drills. Next students will learn the five element striking methods: chopping, drilling, crushing, exploding, and crossing.

The five basic movements of Xingyi are simple and easy to learn. But, the movements can be combined in hundreds of ways, with endless martial applications, making xingyi training suitable for beginners and masters alike.

Come and learn the ancient secrets of the Chinese Xingyi masters!

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