Tai Chi vs. God and Lung Disease

Easter will soon be here, and in Europe and the West believers will all pray to God, hoping that the world will be peaceful, their families safe and healthy. A few incompetent national leaders, like Trump, also encourage everyone to pray to God. If we truly examine ourselves, and the actions we take, are we really worthy of God, if we are greedy, selfish, and destroy nature? If we believe in God, then we should be even more repentant, for perhaps these disasters are God’s punishment on humankind.

I am a follower of Daoism, God is in my heart, but God is God, people are people, and whatever God wants to do, there is no use in us entreating him! As human beings, when our mothers give birth to us we are already independent bodies. We must rely upon ourselves, not entreat or look for help from our parents. There is a saying in Daoism “my destiny lies in myself, not in heaven”, which is to say that heaven has given us our fates, and if we want to change them we must rely on ourselves. This Easter let us urge everyone not to gather together, to stay at home, for this is a time of epidemic, and God will not help us. If you really want to pray, then pray at home. If God is in your heart, and the power of God is indeed vast, then He will certainly be able to hear your prayer.

Praying to God can comfort the mind, make people relaxed and certainly is beneficial for health! But gathering together for prayer will not stop the spread of disease, so please do not trust the media pronouncements of any officials, this disease is far worse than has been announced. In Wuhan, China, several young doctors nonetheless passed away. There were also cases where entire families died. Staying inside for a long time certainly can make people feel suffocated, even a little bit like they will go crazy. This is a time when we need to train our temperaments, meditate, practice qigong, taiji, yoga or other types of exercise.
When meditating, practicing taiji and qigong, breathing can bring relaxation to our bodies and minds, and make our spirits stronger. Practicing taiji is an excellent help for the balance and lung capacity of older people. Even those with balance problems or lung issues can recover. In an epidemic, in order to protect our family, friends, and loved ones, when there is nothing urgent, we should stay home, this is also a way of protecting our society.