A Brief History
To further realize Master Zhou’s mission to promote cross-cultural East and West understanding, Master Zhou inaugurated his first conference in August 2021. He had planned a forum at his new home in Daoist Gate Center in Francestown, NH. But like everything else during the outbreak of Covid 19, everything stopped. It was a revelatory moment when an opportunity presented itself as remote meetups swept global meeting landscapes. It was an experiment worth taking. What and how else did we manage to bring people together from different places and time zones across continents to partake in our first Daoist forum? It was clear from the beginning that we would do this yearly.

The event could not have occurred without the generosity of several individuals and organizations who supported our work, including the students of the Daoist Gate Center and the first Daoist Conference panelists who donated their time and expertise and who believed in our mission: Sander Vink, Larson Di Fiori, and Louis Komjathy.

daoist conferenceFirst Daoist Conference – August 2021
PROGRAM and EVENT DETAILS (download as a PDF)

VIEW the Talks on YouTube

Sander Vink – Rituals of Morning and
Evening Chanting in Daoist Temples
, view here.

Louis Komjathy Daoist Cultivation According to the Nine Practices, view here.

Larson Di Fiori – Daoist Meditation, view here.

Master Zhou Xuanyun – The Wandering Life of a Daoist, view here.
Second Daoist Conference – August 2022
(download as a PDF)

VIEW the Talks on YouTube

Lindsey WeiZhen Wu: Perfected Warrior of the Northern Heavens,
view here.

Josh Paynter The Importance of Ethics in Modern Society,
view here.

Deng Ming Dao Finding Your Dao, view here.

Master Zhou Xuanyun Using the Dao to Understand the Pandemic, view here.