Inner Alchemy/Nei Dan

Inner Alchemy(Neidan) is a kind of visual metaphor for the body’s natural healing abilities. Through focusing intention on one place we can gather the body’s healing abilities and nurture them, continuously enriching and amplifying them. After that, we can connect the Ren 任 and du 督 (conception and governing) vessels to form the microcosmic orbit (Xiao ZhouTian 小周天). After the microcosmic orbit is activated we can continue to activate the remaining six vessels, until all eight extraordinary vessels (QiJing BaMai 奇经八脉) are activated in the macrocosmic orbit (Da ZhouTian 大周天). After the macrocosmic orbit is activated we can use intention to convey the body’s natural healing abilities through the twelve meridians. After activating the twelve meridians we can continuously use these abilities to nourish our five Zang and six fu organs.

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